About Me

Welcome! I’m RehabMD.

As a physician I am dedicated to helping people improve their quality of life. I find that my day-to-day work is rewarding, but I wanted to help more people. I created this website to reach those people that I could not help in clinic.

Please note that this website is meant to educate and inform. It is not in any way meant to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Oftentimes, on this website, I simplify complicated diagnoses and bodily mechanisms. To get an accurate diagnosis and treatment, please go to your treating physician. A complete history, exam, and diagnostics need to be performed by your treating physician for an accurate diagnosis.

More About Me

I grew up in New Jersey with high aspirations of wanting to be….a veterinarian. That’s right, I loved animals growing up and I wanted to help them. When I saw my Yorkshire terrier with dysentery, I wanted to do all I could to get him back into proper health.

Throughout college, I realized that it was difficult to develop a personal bond with animals without spending a lot of time with them. As humans, we have can communicate through words, which speeds up the process of getting to know each other. Don’t get me wrong, the bond that can be developed with pets and animals can often be deeper than words can express, but it takes time. So, my career choice veered from veterinary medicine to regular medicine.

I remember my experiences in college volunteering at a hospice. What struck me the most was how quickly I developed deep relationships with the people I served at the hospice. I went through hours of training on how to be a “emotional caregiver”, but I quickly learned that everyone I met in hospice was teaching me how to be more open and caring. I wasn’t the one serving. I was the one being served.

What Susie, Bob, John, and Mary taught me at hospice were that life was not all about money, fame, or even good health. Rather, life was about the experiences and friendships forged and the quality of life that you experienced.

A year later, I entered medical school in New York City. At medical school, I learned a new language – medical jargon. I learned about epidemiology, pathophysiology, pharmacokinetics, anatomy, and any other “-ology” or -“omy” that you can imagine. I experienced working in the OR, delivery room, community clinics, and emergency department. I enjoyed it all and it brought me such joy when I could help one of my patients.

When it came time to choose a specialty late in medical school, I had a hard time choosing because I enjoyed it all. I ultimately chose rehabilitation medicine (physical medicine and rehabilitation) because I felt that it lined up the most with my beliefs. I wanted a specialty that focused on a patient’s function and quality of life.

Furthermore, rehabilitation medicine encouraged the patient to take an active role in their own health. Namely, it stressed the role of physical activity in preventing disease rather than only focusing on medications (which of course are also necessary).

Rehabilitation medicine taught me that good health and quality of life comes from within. It is not simply about “receiving” the best care, but it also about proactively living a healthy life. There are many diseases that cannot be prevented. But there are just as many, if not more diseases, that can be prevented with the right lifestyle.

I hope to use this site to educate and inform readers like you. The website will be composed of some evidence from research, some experiences I’ve picked up a long the way, some of my musings, and some Amazon product reviews (based on my research) – as this is how I financially support this site and the time creating this site.

I must stress, this website is not meant to substitute professional medical advice. I hope you learn a lot and find this site helpful to you!