How to Get Healthy Gums Again

I had gingivitis for so long that I thought I was helpless. I was resigned to the fact that I would never have healthy gums ever again in my life.

However, after experiencing 1 week of particularly bad bleeding gums, I researched the topic of how to reverse gingivitis and was able to do it successfully. I found out that it was not as hard as I had imagined. I just had been going about it all wrong.

With the information in this article and some of my other posts, I hope that we can get your gums healthy again as well!

What is Gingivitis and How Does it Develop?

Gingivitis is a disease of the gums. It typically develops over time and is mainly attributed to poor dental and oral hygiene.

I can tell you that when I had gingivitis, I was not the most diligent person with brushing my teeth. Nonetheless, I did not feel like I was being negligent, and no matter what I did, I just couldn’t control my gingivitis. I was baffled – why did my gingivitis keep getting worse?

Gingivitis develops because there are bacteria that builds up in our mouths and particularly around where our teeth meet the gum line. This bacteria develops into a biofilm known as plaque that can be tough to remove.

As the plaque continues to grow, it causes inflammation of the gums, which leads to gingivitis.

How to Reverse Gingivitis

You maximize your chances of reversing gingivitis by using the right tools and techniques for oral hygiene.

As you might infer from what I said earlier, you want to try to kill the bacteria and minimize plaque to help fight gingivitis. If you are able to do this on a consistent basis, then the symptoms of your gingivitis will slowly reverse itself. It is the state of being in constant inflammation that leads to the red gums, sensitive teeth, and bleeding. By taking away the cause for inflammation (the bacteria), you give your gums a chance to recover.

Stannous Fluoride Toothpaste

If you have read any of my other pages on dental care, you will realize that I am a big proponent for stannous fluoride. You can read more details about why I recommend stannous fluoride toothpaste. If you’re too lazy to read more, I’ll give you the quick and dirty version – Based on my examination of clinical research, I highly recommend Colgate Total SF toothpaste over all other brands..

I recommend toothpaste with stannous fluoride so much because it is what helped me reverse my own gingivitis. I only bought it and started using it after a long day of perusing all the literature on different active ingredients in toothpastes.

My Story on Getting My Healthy Gums Back

I remember that I hated going to the dentist ever since I was a young kid because I would always get a lecture on brushing my teeth better and more often. Without fail my gums would bleed like I was trying to audition for some horror movie at the dentists’ office. The lectures that I received did not help matters because it simply made me feel guilty and also made me feel defeated. I would brush consistently for a couple days after my appointment and then stop brushing as diligently until just a week before my next appointment.

In that week before my appointment, I would scrub as vigorously as I could at my teeth to make sure they bled as much as possible. I thought I could “get rid of the bleeding” by scrubbing harder. Little did I know that I was doing more damage and harm to my gums and teeth.

As I became a young adult, I went to the dentist very infrequently. I carried my fears as a child into my adulthood. Luckily, I brushed more frequently since I knew I was not seeing my dentist frequently enough.

Regardless, my gingivitis only continued to get worse. In fact, my gums started bleeding even with the lightest pressure and also at night. I had to fix the issue or else my teeth would keep causing more and more problems as I got older.

I looked through as much research I could on the active ingredients on different toothpastes and ultimately learned about stannous fluoride. After switching over to stannous fluoride toothpaste and using proper technique and dental hygiene order, I was able to regain healthy gums.

Reflection on My Gingivitis Journey

I am honestly shocked at how little time it took me to achieve healthy gums again. It definitely wasn’t over night and in fact it took more than a couple of months. But I was able see noticeable improvements with every passing week and it was very reassuring. Looking back, I never thought that my gums would be where they are today.

I hope that after reading this you are encouraged and empowered to also get healthy gums again. When I was working to reverse my gingivitis, I was more diligent in brushing my teeth at least 2 times per day. However, I still attribute a lot of my success to stannous fluoride toothpaste and the different tools that I used to help me get where I am today. I also believe that I was motivated to brush more frequently because I actually understood the mechanism by which stannous fluoride was working.